Riverglades Estate Clubhouse

I live in an awesome estate it was one of the first estates built in Fourways. The developers did us a great favour by leaving so many indigenous trees. Walking through the estate through the many paths and down to the four swimming pools is relaxing and seems to lift the sense that you are in the middle of a busy built up area.

Often visitors tell us that it feels like it is a holiday resort. It does I don’t have to leave the gates for any reason. We have two restaurants and a shop to get the odd bits the necessary goodies I often forget to buy when I am on a shopping stroll so for me and many others truly convenient.

About a year ago the clubhouse closed down for a while as new owners took over. They took over but soon closed again. The second owners took over and once again the clubhouse would shut down. Not sure bad management I guess. There went the buzz and the convenience of the shop as well.

In January the third owners opened the club house did some renovations and stocked the shop adding many items. The point I am making is that it is so great to walk into their business and feel their commitment. I am a local and each time I walk through the doors one of the owners is there to greet me with a great smile. Howzit Bevan good to see you and so I have just been offered time to chat which is generally a long bla, bla from my side. No matter they are there and I leave with a smile and whatever goodies I came for. Well usually I am back a few moments later as I got everything else except what I came for.

I would like to say to all who live here please support them they are great owners and I would like them to be here for many years. I know they will soon know your name and greet you with a great smile. Lately with Covid in the air I am sure they too have fallen on tough times. Let’s keep them in business I really don’t want to have another set of owners trying but failing.


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