The Sound of the River

Nature brings us many gifts for me one of the great ones is the sound of the falling rain. Early into my TBI I had realised that one of my three senses lost was that of smell. I knew about the smell of the first rains that would fall. That amazing fresh smell how I could not be able to smell it and so I waited and waited for those first droplets. Eventually the great afternoon Highveld storm arrived. I heard the thunder becoming louder and louder I knew it was close I was excited I knew soon now I would smell the storm.

As I stood in the rain waiting, waiting eventually I was sopping wet but there was nothing my lost sense remained lost. As the neuro specialist said if your sense is not back within two years it will be gone forever.

Oh well shit happens but there was something else which as if for the first time became so clear, this was my hearing. I could hear in the clearest sound how each droplet fell it seemed as if I could hear them “wiz” down past me and fall onto the pavement. Could this be that the loss of my sense of smell allowed another sense to become so much clearer?

I also knew that this great thunderstorm would fill the river which runs only meters from our complex-Riverglades estate. As I stood in the rain I heard the sound of water it also became louder and clearer. I had now lost my disappointment of the smell of falling rain and had become happy and quite overwhelmed by the sound of the fast flowing river. Long after the rains had ended the river flowed the sounds echoed from the walls of all the units which surround us. As usual I was awake right through the evening as the sun began to rise I was over the fact that I had not yet slept. The sound of the river became louder and louder. As it became louder it brought more peace.

The sound of a flowing river is one or natures gifts a great sound. Now as the Highveld storm approached I was no longer sad that I could not smell the first droplets landing on the tar. I was happy that soon I would hear the river fill up and speedily run over the rocks flowing and flowing.

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