Only in South Africa

Often whilst in a foreign country people ask if there are wild animals walking around in the streets. With a great smile we would laugh saying no we don’t live in the bush. A few weeks ago I take a walk down to the river at the bottom of our complex. A down pour was the cause of the buzz it happens once or twice a year no big deal we are used to it flooding.

As I stand at the boundary the water laps and swishes past the fence. I am excited and take a video the video will find its way to FB. On the video I comment oh look there’s a Hippo. It was evening and dark I couldn’t really see I guess I was as usual fooling around.

The next day the head of security sends out a warning. Don’t leave the complex he says in bold letters there is a hippo in the road outside the gate. We laugh and say imagine now when we are asked about wild animals in our streets, yes occasionally will be the answer. Obviously the hippo had left the flooded waters. Hippos spend the day in the water in the evening they leave to feed on grass. They submerge under water after a few minutes raise their heads for a breath. The strange thing about a hippo is that it cannot swim too well instead it walks on the bottom and so as the floods hit they have to leave the water. This guy had gotten confused and walked into the suburbs I guess. They are known to walk many kilometers in the bush to feed especially in winter but they cannot or usually do not escape from the confines of whatever game farm they live on.

Now we laugh as the freaking hippo has probably gotten lost and is walking around the streets. I wonder if I did see the hippo that night and didn’t actually realize it I wonder.


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