The Unsettling Truth

What does that mean or what is that. Is it a small little white lie to me but to the one you are lying to a bigger issue a greater problem Is it? Honey I was on my way I was finishing my beer, I was with the boys. Okay I said I was on my way but you know how it is one is two and then it’s three. I promise I meant what I said and I was on my way, just took a while longer.

She knows this of course she knows her husband she has also been there got the “T-shirt”. The reason she called in the first place was for him to know that it is time to come home, dinner is ready and she needed him she had a difficult day. She does also know that he has had a difficult day as they have been in touch many times.

He can blow off steam in the bar with a couple of friends, lift the weight, get rid of his bosses bad attitude. She cannot she does not sit in a bar after work and have a beer or three. Yes once or twice in the year she will stay after work with a few colleges have some wine but when the tingling of the glass or three starts she gets up and leaves.

Imagine the call to her husband honey I have been pulled over they gave me a breathalyzer I’m over the limit please come fetch me. He will be pretty upset and will immediately shit her out for having too many drinks in the first place. Not thinking that in fact he does this most days after work. It’s okay with him because he is a man and this is the norm.

Weeks later on a great Sunday all the friends sit around the braai. The ladies sit separate they don’t braai and chatter it’s the guy’s thing. Time goes by after the many glasses of wine she talks about her husband. Don’t you all get pissed off about them sitting at the pub after work she says? Well once or twice a week I guess it is okay the all comment ja I guess maybe I should give him a little space.

The braai comes to an end they are on their way home there is quiet she does not chatter. He then asks- Why you so quiet? I just had a few too many she responds he knows she had a few too many and once again the car becomes still. They get into bed but she cannot sleep her mind is racing those words of what her husband has been telling her digs deep. “Honey I was with the boys” she knows he wasn’t her friends told her their husbands only share a beer maybe once a week. Where has he been then he is not in the pub with the boys she also remembers that on most of the calls it is quiet in the background a bar should be noisy with music or the many voices.

She knows something is going on. He is lying to her and now she lays the unsettled. It is not the truth so where is he then. A small white lie- the unsettling truth.

This is a story I thought I would change my post a bit often a heading comes up in my mind mostly it never gets to words on paper today though it did. I don’t sit in a bar after work and in any way I cannot drive I cannot work. I do run though often Ange will call how you doing my babes? Good thanks I’m turning around now home soon. Hours later I am still running I’m enjoying my run. Ange is just worried she knows I can get into trouble at any time. Perhaps I should tell her that I am ten kilometers away and face her being upset I told a lie. I was scared she would shout at me and I know that she would be unsettled.


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