Thanks Coroner

Don’t get me wrong Covid 19 is bad-real bad. The entire world has been affected as we all know but for me there are a few good problems which have been solved. The one problem, I am an avid U-Tube fan the Television sounds the entire day. When Ange is in the lounge working at the table I am not allowed to watch my favorite program. Space related ‘shit’ as Ange says or aren’t you tired of that the same every day. The space ‘shit’ is turned off but that isn’t the end on will come usually rock from the sixties and seventies. What is wrong with Queen Led Zeppelin etc. etc? One day I watch the first of many launches 5-4-3-2-1 lift off we have lift off, and so says the commentator

“Well Dave there it goes in a few hours the astronaut’s will enter the ISS (international space Station). You know Dave it takes those astronauts a shorter time to step onto the ISS than what it will take for you to fly from NYC to Paris.”

“No I didn’t Steve that is interesting another fact do you know that….)

The rest is bla, bla, bla. I’ve heard it all over and over. I love seeing a rocket lift off it is exciting because I have been watching this particular lift off for the past two hours. All the facts about the astronauts, speed of the rocket in the different parts of the atmosphere, orbital shit as Ange says and so on.

So now comes the problem; at the bottom right hand corner of the screen it says in red-live launch. This is quite awesome that I can sit in the lounge and watch a live launch. This is until the commentators say that the next launch from Russia will be on the 2nd of November 2021, huh I think that was last year I am a year ahead of the launch I have travelled in time. No you dumb ass Bevan this is a repeat of last year the live launch on the bottom was just on the screen as it was on that day.

Now days I can watch whatever the program is about and know it is current I know this not from what they talk about but how their lips are moving (lip reading). I don’t actually see their lips move because they are all wearing masks! Covid 19 LOL. I now know oh this is live not from a year ago or so.

Thanks coroner.

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