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My broken brain was started by Ange she gave me the tools to use a laptop and actually write. To save a memory this way by re-reading a post I could perhaps recall a memory. The idea was that as I had a memory I would write it down and so it would always be there in a “cloud”. My first couple of posts were somewhat memory related but it soon became stories of whatever it was I thought of at that moment.

The last few years I write about whatever it is, most of my posts are somewhat related to either a TBI or myself. I want to change this I want people that read my blogs to be interested in different topics. At first I wrote to encourage those that have fallen to a TBI to get up to look at me and follow my journey. This way perhaps they could see how broken I actually was and see how much progress I have made.

When I say broken allow me to explain what I mean by broken. My neuro specialist commented when I walked on my own into his office-Bevan! The Bevan that lay in a coma should not be walking, talking, and doing what you are doing wow was his reaction. Yes my first and many other outings from the hospital were in a wheelchair but I stood up fell for the first steps but soon began to walk on my own this way and that as the left hand side of my body was slower than the right. I damaged all four quadrants of my brain the frontal left lobe is the most important. Your cognitive part i.e. talking, sight, walking, speech, holding a conversation, generally how you are, how you look and how you act in the real world. I still have a “dead “section which as the neuro specialist says will never heal. However he says somehow my brain has found a new way in dealing with this (extremely rare).

I now have over 30 000 views I am known in over 60 countries I have over 60 000 unread comments on my blog (which I cannot read as there are too many). I would like write about something other than A TBI or me. I am asking that you all give suggestions for me to write about thus keeping an interest in my posts. Send a suggestion on my FB page not on my blog as I will not respond to these.

Thank you so very much for following my journey I am truly blessed that I do have people interested in my writing. Writing helps me get through a day it allows me to keep positive and I would enjoy it that after you read a post it may give others a positive feeling too.


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