Always friends

Friends a difficult word? Or is it, for some I guess it is but for me it was extremely difficult. Each one of us has their own reason to not have friends or to not be friends with someone anymore. It took me a long while to understand that I was for the first time in a sense alone there were no friends visiting to see how Bevan is no phone calls no nothing.

Many of my friends were not there excepting a few. An old saying; one can count their true friends on one hand. What is a true friend then I have no clue but for me it was those that took time out to see how their old buddy was doing after surviving death. A man that now needed a few friends to help him, remind him that he has friends and they are there for him. I had three-two of them live far away in Hoedspruit and Ballito.  The others were in my mind or an excuse not sure they could talk to someone with a brain injury. I do know that once I returned home I was pretty broken I could not talk too well, see, understand or listen. I hobbled around would bump and fall into and over everything-I was a mess.

I celebrated my fiftieth last year I stopped the invites at fifty I thought it would be a good idea to have fifty friends for a fiftieth birthday a special day. Most of those that celebrated my birthday were friends I had met after my accident a few lonely chairs were filled with the old friends. Who needs so many friends in any way I thought those that did not call or visit anymore I wrote off.

Recently we bumped into Helen at first I did not know who the heck this person is until she said; Bevan! We spoke for a while it was so nice to bump into an old friend and have such a great conversation even though I would only see her when Steve and I were together.

Still we were friends and that is the way it is we are friends. My decision to write off all my old friends faded away. I had then decided when I do see an old friend I would enjoy their company and forget about the time when I really needed them. The greatest part of bumping into Helen that day was seeing her eyes light up I could see that she was happy to see me. I do know that everyone has their own life to live and that business keeps us all away from each other.

An old friend donated to my Back-a-buddy account to help me get to my first New York Marathon which I had not expected we were school buddies and he now lives somewhere in the world not in SA. Another is Graham he lives in England he follows my story reads my blogs and always sends a comment on FB. I really enjoy his comments he is strait forward and tells it as it is. He is an old friend which I had forgotten about but he did not forget about me.

Never write off friends you became friends with them for a reason somewhere deep down there is a connection one day when you meet up again it will be good for both of you. Thank you to all of my friends for being friends. I know what friend is-it is a person that has their own life to live and one day when you do bump into them your friendship will shine through, memories will take you back to the good times spent, the good old days.







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