Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Is there an official list of the seven wonders of the modern world? I have no clue if not there should be these are my seven wonders of the world. I have never investigated this question but I am sure I can find out in a matter of seconds yes seconds.

The list I have put together has no order they have in the quiet of the darkness at 2AM come to my mind as a subject every one that now reads would be interested in. I guess before scrolling through your mind is now wondering-umm what are they this is interesting! Most of my items are kind of in the same bracket and I guess could be placed under one umbrella. However it is what it is so here goes.

  1. ISS or the International space station. Have a look anytime if you are bored and would enjoy some silence whilst at work but still have a visual picture in the background. Nowadays working would most probably be at home sitting behind the laptop. Every now and then have a quick glance at where it now floats around the earth or where the earth has rotated to as the ISS is stationary. It is a machine and needs maintenance as the earth spins so an astronaut or two float around with an odd spanner in hand. Truly something which is amazing. Many humans live there for many months at a time
  2. Internet U-Tube this is where I found the ISS in the first place. The following fall under the internet I guess. Facebook, Google, U-Tube and more. Look up whatever you would like to anything it take a few seconds and there it comes. U-Tube is live such as watching the ISS, going on a game drive, watching a tornado rip apart wherever it is and so on. One can get through school from the first day to the last even have a bash at university. Face book keep everyone in touch with family and friends which now live a thousand miles away and not around the corner. Google or as I call it professor Google I have very little long term memory but this is just fine one click and there it is the answer to my question done no how does this work what is that and so on.
  3. Solar energy- As our natural resources become less and less due to the explosion of the population. The power full fuel companies are starting to allow individual smaller companies to do further research on their own and not buying out there patients this way subduing the growth of this amazing energy source.
  4. Dubai- The tallest buildings in the world I think one or two over 300m high. New suburbs or cities being built where there was no land before, islands in the sea. Transport an airport which is transferred into a city. One can acquire anything needed in Dubai.
  5. Medical Field- it is said that humans will live to over two hundred years, the first child has already been born that will live to over two hundred years. Creating life from a single cell and, and, and. There are so many new possibilities I cannot name them.
  6. Computers- Now any one can use a computer they are part of schooling part of a new generation they have evolved so much since the first computer made. A laptop has more storage and data than that of all the computers which sent the first man to the moon. Without a computer not much of the above is possible.
  7. Cell phones- As two thousand or so satellites rotate around the world a cell phone can be used in most areas on our planet (a satellite would fall under one of the seven wonders). Drive around and notice how many of us have a cell phone on their person. Go anywhere each person is on one or is using one taking a picture of whatever it is, sending a message, getting directions where to go, looking up where a friend is, do your banking, watching a movie. Also so many apps I cannot even start a cell phone is part of our life. Business wherever you are in the world you are in touch with whomever whenever. I guess the Seven Wonders of the World would or could now be the one hundred wonders of the world. Okay let me Google the seven wonders of the modern world and see how many I have figured out.


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