A Smile is All I Want

Today is Friday the best day of my week. Not because it is a Friday but because I get out of the house I can step into Justin’s Bio therapy practice and I can be me. Nobody there tip toes around the Bevan that now jumps from wall to wall. During my lesson with Jiten my time I have with him is less than it should be I lose focus in a split second this way and that. Jiten does not ask and ask he simply smiles and tells the intern don’t worry it is Bevan. This is how he is this is Bevan.

It does not take the intern long when asked what is my injury-why am I here. This is part of his learning to understand the injury that particular patient is here for. Usually most of the interns answer is not strait to the answer they know-a brain injury, I guess they are scared to tell a man he has a brain injury what if they are wrong.

We will do our session in this section says Jiten, ummm I know immediately there is another patient around the corner, got to be quiet I think to myself don’t swear don’t do this don’t do that don’t Bevan don’t. Too late here it comes as I say whatever it is I should not say a stern voice sounds it is Justin.

“Bevan there is a little boy here no swearing”

I know the little boy he is there for his weekly session. I know I must quieten down and respect him also I listen to Justin he speaks to me as a person not as a man with a disability or a “defect”. Written boldly on the walls in his practice; THE ONLY DISSABILITY IN LIFE IS A BAD ATTITUDE.

Time goes by I am currently busy with the last of my exercises I did my session in the first section of his practice the section where I see all that enters. Well as usual I have asked all of them everything on my mind. Who are you, why are you here, what’s your name, why, why and why. Jiten usually answers for them, well he tells me you know their name you see them each week.

A lady walks in she disappears around the corner shortly she returns she is leaving with her son, and so here it comes I will not allow this little boy to leave without wearing a smile. When he leaves he is stepping out into the big wide world a place where people only see a different or should I say in pain as I say this a disabled or not a normal boy.

I know how it is except for me I look the same as all but when you talk to me they then immediately know this man has lost his marbles, his lift does not get to the top floor. The little boy is different he does not look the same so people may judge him life in the big emotionless world for us has many challengers.

For me he is not different he is strong he does not know this but he is stronger than all the other kids in his class. I see a little boy that fights each and every day like me we fight not for others to not judge us but we fight for us, for our strength so that we may live a long and a great life. Perhaps he does not know but I know-I know that he has a fighting spirit greater than everyone around him. He gives to those the fight that they have lost. Others look at him and subconsciously they know if he can then why can’t they.

First I stop him and his mom from leaving then I start to talk to them my words are not that of what others would probably say I talk and talk. I do not really know why I talk so much or why I have no problem in talking to someone that looks different.  I talk I do not tip toe I say it how it is but my gaol lays deep within me that is to see the little boy laugh and leave with a smile. I see others how their eyes widen as if you cannot say that oh but I can and I will…and so as the little boy steps out to the big world he wears a smile and he laughs and he laughs. I guess the moral of the story is that it costs nothing to get a smile there is no amount of money payable for that.



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