Deep Down You are Still the Same

Still the same one of my favourite songs. Who of you are still the same well let me give you the answer. You are all still the same deep down there is no change. Perhaps you have changed certain habits or have gotten better at whatever it is. Knowing that if you don’t change certain bits of what you do will become your downfall, maybe, maybe not.

The memory which has stayed with me are songs from me growing up. The memory of where I was what I was doing the first time or times when that particular song played is not there but the sound is there. Similar to that of the sound of a person’s voice. I have no real clue who the heck they are when we bump into one another but as soon as they greet me I know who they are it is the sound of their voice not sure from where until we are into a conversation but it is a sound that brings my past back somewhat.

Sounds this to me is a real puzzle, how does it work and why sounds. Many other great songs are there most of them from a young age but as they play I know of them.

Still the same -Bob Segar.

Southern Cross-no clue of the artist.

Saulsberry hill Peter Gabriel.

Stairway to heaven-Led Zeppelin.

Mother-Pink Floyd.

Another favorite perhaps the one with the most meaning or by it always being one of my favorites a prediction maybe-The dreams in which I am dying are the best I have ever had-Tears for Fears my favorite artist of her version Jasmine. Laying there unconscious on the side of the road i wonder if this song played over and over in my broken brain.

There are many more right now there is no memory of them until they will one day bring back a memory as I hear the sound, a second once they start is all it takes. Go back to old songs U-Tube is where you will find every song ever released. Try it once you listen you will be amazed you will perhaps find out that you are still the same.



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