What Can I Do For You

One of the first posts I wrote was named ‘What can I do for you’. The reasoning behind this was that when I spoke to whomever it was that knew me they always asked how I was. This is common us humans are generally well mannered and as so is a form of curtesy. Once the conversation ended I guess they would know that I need a lot but I never asked as I am a proud man and in my early stages of my TBI I was in denial-I am fine… yes okay you’re fine.

Now I am a different man I have come to terms with my TBI I am okay with that. I also know that I do need a lift every now and then. Ange is my backbone and I do take her support, love and commitment for granted many times unknowingly. Ange continues to help and lift me up whenever she can and for that I am eternally grateful.

After my post an old friend Martina read my post and was the only one that asked the question; what can she do for me’? I was taken aback by her kindness and did not know what to ask for but just by her asking me it gave me so much. That was what she did for me she lifted me up and in truth did so much. Thank you Martina.

Recently I was in a bad way then I received a message from a good friend Graham he wrote a message to me about not what he can do for me but what I can do for someone else-my beautiful Ange. His words hit hard the message had a great effect it gave me so much it gave me what I needed. He did something for me and for that I am grateful a wow moment I never asked but he did in anyway thank you Graham.

Ange and I visited my dad in December I have asked him many time times to get out and socialise a bit in my mind it will lift his spirits give him strength and fill that lonely hole. After seeing my bag of nails did I realise that it was not that he did not want to get out it was that he couldn’t. He cannot get to a toilet and so he was scared to leave the comfort of home.

I know what he needs it is a bio kinetics person that can come to him and help to get his body strong again. I know it will help him however long it takes is not the point the end result is that one day he will go out on his own and have a doppie at his favourite restaurant. When there he can walk to the toilet he can now do it. Now my what can I do for you question I ask others for me I can and now do this for someone else. Graham planted that seed he told me to get off my ass and knock my TBI into the abyss. I have taken the steps I have found a bio kinetics in Hoedspruit the rest is up to him of course I will be on his back pushing him to get the help he needs.

I do not need help a few strong words from friends telling me to get up when I fall and cannot find my way up again. Perhaps those that know my dad and can call him to ask what they can do for him would be a nice thing to do perhaps this is all he needs. He is a stubborn man and will say he is fine but by just asking that question will give him what he needs.

We all know fiends that themselves fall call them don’t ask what you can do for them simply do something for them. Giving something to another with nothing expected in return is a difficult task but try it and feel how great it is, it’s worth more than money can buy.


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