Craziness of Love

I fell in love once, yes only once. Once I woke from my long sleep it didn’t take long to realise that I was missing a few marbles actually many marbles. I didn’t worry about anything I woke up and this was my life hospital was a place where I lived it was my home. That pretty lady sitting there at first was a really beautiful woman that’s all. I thought the man that walks alongside her is a lucky man-I wished it could be me.

It was me but at first I did not realise, it only took a few moments then I felt it I felt love. My first memory after I woke was me walking into the restaurant at the end against the wall was a bar. This would be the place where I met love for the first time in my life.

Today Ange woke me up we going shopping babes she said. Awesome I thought lets go. At the shops I spoke a lot I jumped from isle to isle the normal me being me excited that we are out and about. When I could not see Ange anymore I ventured back to the last place I saw her every time she was there.

This may seem weird to you but Ange was there when I woke she was the one thing I needed to get out of the hospital, she was my guide, my support, my anchor. Mostly she was my love my life this is my wife the one I fell in love with many years ago. She was the first memory I had that moment when we met has not left me. Perhaps it is the craziness of love the strength it carries with it the power it has to hold two people together when the one has fallen and cannot get back up. Love will do that it will give that little bit extra we need when we think it is all over it is the one thing that can and does hold power of unknown strength.

I feel love each day I felt it today I believe in love and the ability it has to pull us through tough times love is a crazy thing. I believe love was the one feeling that kept me alive I don’t know or remember it when I was in that black hole but I believe it was there and it is here today and every day it will accompany Ange and me into the future.

I love you Ange.

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