Good Morning 2021

Early before the sun rose I sat quietly almost as if in a daze on the deck waiting, wondering, thinking and listening to beautiful soft sounds. As I listened I heard a different sound a greater sound. I heard life I heard my heart beating it too was listening to what was happening around me it began to beat in tune to the singing voices I could not see. Today is a new year a new day a great day. As I listened the sun showed itself he also wanted to hear what it was I heard. The two of us listened.

As the sun became brighter the sounds of the darkness began to change. They too were peaceful now they all joined their voices as if instructed by the sun to sing in one tune. He had now taken over from the moon he was the new conductor.

Beyond the sounds I started to see clearly the more I looked the more I panned my head from North to South the more I started to see. The bush became an ocean of green the waves swelled and broke on the horizon. Far in the distance the Northern Drakensburg began to change the blue/green haze slowly disappeared until it completely changed in shape and form. The great mountain was swallowed up by the gathering of clouds. The clouds also made sounds they whispered to the tips of the mountain peaks as they brushed overhead as they passed they quietly whispered goodbye.

It’s a new day a new year a new time. May 2021 be kind to everyone there is kindness and beauty all around each one of us. We should sit and listen and look and see what we do not first see. It is there it is always there have a great 2021.

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