Howzit Tommy

Ange, Cammy and I left JHB after seven for Drakensig our farm, the original plan was to leave before five. Our president then changed our departure date for us. No one is allowed to travel before six AM he announces.

Everything is fine the new Bevan has no worries to rush off anywhere so we will leave whenever the time is right. Our trip is going well and soon we reach Dullstroom we will stop for a breakfast at Harry’s Pancakes. Cammy has an Apple type pancake Ange has an egg, toast, bacon and sausage breakfast with a cinnamon Pancake. Ange does not eat meat anymore it cramps up her stomach. My original pancake was cinnamon and ice cream flavour but now Ange’s bacon and sausage is placed onto my pancake plate. Well I cannot just have the ice cream and cinnamon anymore it will now become everything on the plate pancake including tomato and Tabasco sauce. By the way ice cream and Tabasco sauce is real good-a must try.

Breakfast done we are off and soon reach my good friend the Gene Jeanie he lives some thirty km’s outside Hoedspruit. We sit at the pool and enjoy stories, it has been a while since we last saw each other. There is no work in Hoedspruit and he is battling to keep busy I think seeing his good friend has been good for the Gene Jeanie. All good we have a few doppies and so once again we are off.

We each Hoedspruit and need to grab a couple of items in the non-stocked Pick n Pay. Soon we are at the gate we are here another tiring, talkative trip for Ange well done. Seeing my dad again is awesome I have missed being here, I have missed this quiet beauty but most of all I have missed my dad too much my bag of nails as I call him. How can you call your dad a bag of nails you ask? Well the name is self-explanatory but actually he is my dad and that gives me the privilege to do so.

We all settle in Cammy and Ange seem to be in a good space. This place is the right place to relax and rest as my dad calls it Dr Parsons. I get to meet my dad’s new right hand man. Machudu lives with my dad he has taken over from the previous youngster that worked here helping my dad to upkeep his home. I am glad and feel much better that there is a good man around my dad to help him out with most of the chores that my dad used to do. After the many operations and body part exchanges time is catching up to him and so the bag of nails is showing signs of rust. Machudu can now spray the rusty bag when he sees the rust spreading too much. I have taken his number and will be calling him regularly to check on pops.

It is the last day of 2020 today and soon we shall see a new year rise up from the bush as does the new morning sun. Let us all hope next year is a better one for all.

Good to see you pops good to be here.

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