Excuse Me Where is Your Mask

Ange and I are off to celebrate her birthday. This time we will Uber to our favourite restaurant Salsa Ange will not have to drive home she can enjoy a few doppies. Once again I have no interest in wearing my anti Covert device that shitty mask.

As we are about to walk up the stairs into the restaurant a lady walks ahead of us-no mask I chirp excuse me where is your mask. She turns and comments

‘I quickly went to the car’.

I guess when she turned to defend her not wearing her mask she saw me not wearing mine. She must have thought what an ass. We all sit the unknown lady sits at the table next to us. A moment later her face brightens and she greets me in an excited manner. Bevan how are you, I have no clue who this lady is. A second or two goes by and I know exactly who it is. It is our good friend Helen of Troy.

What a great moment to see an old friend what a surprise. We go on our day each enjoying the food and of course the great cocktails salsa has on offer. A couple of moments later Helen walks up to our table and crouches behind Ange and me. I then think what the heck is going on. A few meters away her friend stands smile she says and click goes the cell phone. Helen has snuck between Ange and me so that she can take a pic of the three of us.

Wow I am taken aback this for me was a special moment I cannot remember when last an old friend was not scared away by my TBI but wanted a pic of the three of us. I have lost touch of most of my old mates in a way I have given up on trying to call and meet up. This does not happen too often well in fact it is rare. I also forget I have old friends and I forget to call. Not today though I am happy that the day has turned out the way it has. Ange had a great day and we met up with an old friend. Thank you Helen for that special moment it meant a lot to me and also has given me something I feel I have been missing. Wow strange that it only took one small moment to make a day so much better.

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