Doesn’t Cost Much to Have a Good Time

As we sit relaxing at the pool Ange and I talk about this and that the usual this and that stuff. Today our main pool area is busy people are enjoying themselves having a braai playing soccer whatever it may be just enjoying themselves.

We are all on holiday it is December and here in South Africa today most of the country is on holiday. This year we could not get away to the coast which I recon would have been first prize for the fifth year in a row. We are not at the beach but right here in our complex. It literally took us less than an hour to pack food, beers, towels walk to the pool area find a spot open a beer and relax. The main pool area is awesome I recon about the size of a rugby field. There are about twelve or so braais four lapas two separate pools, trees throughout and the remainder is grass to play whatever game anyone would like to. Play whatever and not disturb someone lying quietly under one of the many indigenous trees as we are.

Seeing 2020 drift away overnight in a few days’ time is going to be a good thing for the two of us. Perhaps next year at this time we will be sitting on a beach somewhere in SA perhaps in the Bahamas who knows. Wherever it may be I know we will be enjoying the sun and shaded trees as we are right now.

I really do love the sea as does my Ange I guess we all love being on holiday-being on vacation somewhere awesome. The coast is a good place to be in December we all know this I guess after a long year of working hard it is great to be able to spend a fortune to get to the sea. Money worth spending for sure.

Ange and I will be at the farm next week so that will be a good break some bush time. Next year my future in terms of salary etc. will be sorted out so we can decide if we want to go away then. Until then happens it is right now that matters and today we literally spent no extra cash to have a good time. Sorry we had a great time, no stress no issues no nothing just enjoying a great day.

Ange and I laughed so much it was awesome and it cost nothing. Bottom line is that to enjoy yourself you don’t have to spend lots of cash you just have to enjoy the right now. It doesn’t cost much to have a good time.



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