Are you also Flumsied

I hope so because flumsied is a good thing actually it is a great thing. “Thing” now that is a real hate word of mine. Who made up the word thing? This thing that thing what thing…anything.

So Ange and I are off to Woollies to do the last minute shopping we need a few “things” for our Xmas lunch tomorrow at her mom. Her mom calls Ange yesterday to arrange what she should take along. Ange will make a cheese cake yee haa I love cheese cake. Everyone must buy a gift under R100-00 we will hand one out and receive one this way we can all get a present.

Terry calls me to ask if she can buy a present for me to give to Ange it will be our secret she says. Awesome I know what Ange would like for Xmas and so does her mom so Terri said she will get it for me. This is real special something only a mom can do.

A moment of sadness overwhelms me the fact that I do not really have money to go and buy my wife a Xmas present. Well the emotion is far greater than that of sadness it is kind of a heaped up pile of unopened presents that sit together under the tree waiting for the named ones to unwrap them. That will never happen because something has happened and those presents will never be opened they will stay wrapped under the tree.

Money is not my only problem how do I get to the shops, what shops, how do I choose a present, will I remember what present Ange wanted and so on similar to that of the unopened presents all there but how do they get unwrapped.

I did arrange Ange a present the other day I arranged it I remembered it is soon Xmas so I got her a gift voucher for something she can do for herself at a spar-a body treatment. Okay so it is not the actual voucher but a pamphlet of the spar. Whilst Ange and I were at Pick n Pay I quickly slipped in to check it out and knew that Ange needs a day right there. All good I have wrapped her gift up all she must do is get there and once there I will pay for the treatment.

Walking out of Woollies we get into the car once in the car I tell her are you flumsied? Once again Ange laughs and laughs why you laughing I ask. That isn’t a word she says oh okay but are you or are you not flumsied?

The meaning of flumsied for all of you that do not know is; when the shops look busy and you really don’t want to go in because the queue to get inside (Covert) is so long so you have to but actually  the shopping turns out good and quite easy. Flumsied the meaning of flumsied that was a flumsied day.



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