An Old Friend a Good Friend

A couple of days ago I was knocked down real hard. I struggled to overcome this difficult emotion which I have felt before I am quite certain of that but there is no real memory. I just assume because of my TBI. Not sure what it is called but let me describe the feelings.

Hurt, Sadness, Lost, disappointment a difficulty in understanding what I read a feeling of “what serious” is that what I am to you is that what you think of me-a project?

Ange spoke to me and said let it go babes you always talk about leaving the hurt of yesterday behind. Now you must listen to what you advise others to do. I know I do and I believe in what I write about and I do believe I write uplifting motivational words. I know this because it comes from my heart. My son once told me as I posted a blog about bla, bla, bla really not something I should have shared I was in a bad shape. He spoke like I have never heard before he scolded me and said; “dad you take that down immediately you cannot write rubbish like that you are better than that. Do you know how many people look up to you and read your blog? Come on dad”. (Currently over 30 000). A minute after my scolding I deleted the blog permanently.

By the way I do not know if the Facebook post was actually directed at me but in my mind there were too many coincidences.

Then after I had let it go and listened to my words I received a message from an old friend-Graham.  He follows my blog and told me how I should look at my previous posts and see how far I have come. I did and he is so right I do go back and I do see read previous blogs I write for myself, perhaps I needed an old true friend to tell me this. My sadness turned to joy immediately.

Thank you so much Graham and to my amazing strong son for giving me that I needed it. And so as I say; let the bad day of yesterday go it is in the past allow today to be better you cannot live in the past it will only destroy the good day of today.

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