There is Always Light at the End of the Tunnel

A similar description-time heals all wounds. The last five years and four months for Ange and me have been extremely testing. Many deaths both human and feline, a great life changing event being my accident. Covert 19 has also changed everyone’s life.

I say for Ange and me but also for good friends and family of mine. My dad, Nicole, Donovan and our kiddies losing my mom. Anges dad has been the toughest for Ange also her two kitties left a void leaving a great hole in her life.

I don’t feel the loss of a loved one too much well I don’t feel loss for too long. Yes I have realised that my mom is not here anymore, Ange’s dad has also been on my mind but I don’t really feel the emotion or should I say understand these losses.

There has been two losses in my life that hits a nerve be it a minute or so a week still a feeling of loss. This being our Kittie Milly I miss her sliding around the tiled floor and the table. The greatest loss has been that of my good friend Fritz Blitz. The loss of Fritz has lost that feeling of I won’t be able to spend good times with him again but for me the greatest part of losing him is for Tanner his daughter. I try think of how it has affected her and I am saddened by that. All I can say for both Tanner and Diane is that time will heal that sad feeling.

The light at the end of the tunnel is for everyone. However dark the tunnel gets know that there is light at the end one has just got to keep going forward. Turning around will do no good you can never get yesterday back the road  you are traveling on is your road keep traveling it the darkness shall soon turn to light.

I entered that dark tunnel it became pitch black. The light came closer and closer, became brighter and brighter soon I would reach the end I assumed. As the thought of travelling through the darkness was upon me so a sound vibrated through my body. I was mistaken it wasn’t the end of the tunnel the light I saw was not the end , the bright streams of sunlight a brighter future was not there the light that was now upon me and the noise which vibrated through my body was that of a train!

Light at the end of a tunnel yes right. Well it was not the end but still I never gave up I knew that soon the end would come and when I saw the brightness once again I knew that I was now at the end. I emerged from the darkness a new man that difficult darkness had to be there for me to change. My future is bright I will make it bright I will no longer live in darkness that is my choice.

We all have a choice no matter how difficult it is still there is a choice move on or remain in darkness. Be it death or a life changing event accept it and get over it. If one does not move on soon the darkness will overpower one and so we too shall fade away to dark. Don’t fade away fight, fight hard. Work harder, love harder and live harder.

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