Good Friends Good times

It only takes us ten minutes or so once we leave home Ange and I sit at our favourite restaurant-Salsa. We are here today to meet our good friends Anton and Karen it’s our Xmas lunch, well we having lunch together and it is Christmas time so I guess it is a Xmas lunch.

Salsa makes the most amazing fruit cocktails Ange drove here and it won’t work if I am the only one enjoying a good “doppie”. Ange drives home quick and gets back with an Uber. That’s better now we can both enjoy a “doppie”.

Anton and Karen arrive the awesome foursome are at it again. Anton and I order a Guiness for me it is starters for Anton it will be his drink for the day. I must confess after him being banned from Fort Kapiba in our day was the place to go to for a great time in the Lowveld. A rough drinking hole right in the bush and next to the air force base where Anton served his country. Hence being banned from the fort.

Anton and I have a special bond throughout our lives I think our paths have crossed without us even knowing it. I look up to Anton he has been a light in my road when it became dark and scary he seemed to appear. This big man with a heart of gold and time for another that too has fallen to a brain injury.

Karen and Ange share the weight of carrying us they have their own similarities that only they can talk about. It’s not all a heavy weight they carry because Anton and I are good men or Anton would say “wonderful”. Truthfully though I cannot speak for Anton and Karen but I do know that for Ange it is difficult at times to deal with me. Today we can all enjoy each other’s company we laugh and share bits of our covert journey.

Ange drinks a green type cocktail I drink another colour and another. It’s time to go with big hugs and great smiles we will leave a good day behind. We won’t leave the memories behind they will stay with us and so we will look forward to more great memories.

A good time only ends so that you can create greater and greater times in the future.

Thank you Karen aka Katrina and Anton aka Antonio Bandera for a great day.

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