And Still Those Voices are Calling From Far Away

And Still Those Voices Are Calling From Far Away

Recently I watched an interesting show on Discovery. Many years ago the famous crossing of the Zeppelin had reached its destination now about to be secured by the many ropes. There is a problem the great storm has approached faster than expected. The winds have picked up but the Zeppelin is secure. Lightning starts to strike and so the ropes that have secured the craft become a greater threat than the craft being blown away.

The ropes that have grounded the craft become a high point in the open field the lightning strikes the Zeppelin. As it burns the live recording of a distraught commentator reveals the destructive power as passengers are dying as the craft burns.

Many years later a man talks on his short wave radio he speaks to the regular folk on a certain frequency. He is now bored and turns the dial to different frequencies. During his search for other Handles he comes across voices describing the burning of the Zeppelin.

How then is it possible that many years later he comes across the voices describing that day. The truth about this is uncertain and perhaps fictional. It could be but the man records each conversation he has and so there is now proof that many years later the voices are heard.

There is no scientific proof of what many say is possible. The fact that each sound Made here on earth never disappears it constantly continues to stay alive and “floats” or never dies they continue to stay alive as they rotate through the universe.

As I understand now and then they return to our earth and so I wonder whilst we are alive a voice is heard many years after we have in fact died. Perhaps whilst we sleep we hear a voice of a friend talking perhaps our subconscious is tuned into their frequency. We wake and in our mind we dreamed of a friend talking to us. Perhaps it was not a dream but a reality that we heard voices.

So when waking from a strange dream as we think it was but in fact it was a friend talking to us many years ago but his voice has returned…I wonder.

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