Two Great Friends

Two Great Friends

Lately after a long while I saw a good friend it took sadness for us to reunite but still we were able to sit together and enjoy each other’s story. I read on Facebook about how 2020 has been difficult for another friend. Two friends with totally different stories both of their stories have touched me so deep I cannot explain.

Let me start with J. C Leroux aka Jordache Clark. I first met J.C when I was invited by the TNT trust to partake in the 94.7 cycle race. I am a beneficiary of the TNT fund thanks to Justin. To become part of the TNT team to complete the race there are one of two requirements to either be a donor to the trust or be disabled.

I start to train with the team I will ride on a tandem because I cannot cycle on my own. There is a problem I cannot cycle on my own and I cannot drive on my own, how I get there. Don’t worry says Justin J.C. will take and fetch you. J.C also gives me a proper cycle cap or should I say a helmet (to make sure Bevan’s head is properly protected). Not the end of the story after the race he starts to help me he supports my bracelet business, prints pamphlets for me but mostly takes an interest in my story giving me continuous support. His bright face and excited eyes give me so much strength I see his bright face all the time. I am saddened by his post on FB about his heavy year. I do not know of all the details but I wonder how such a great man can get hurt that is so unfair.

The other close friend is Diane wow what can I say if I have ever seen someone with a never give up attitude that would be Diane. At Fritz’s funeral Ange Diane her daughter Tannah and I sit at a table we talk and we listen to each other. It has been a while since we last saw each other as Diane moved down to P.E. so it is was good to catch up. As we sit and talk my mind tells me that Diane’s last five years or so has been difficult-real difficult.

On the other side of the table sits her daughter as Di talks of hardship and difficult times I see this young woman. Tannah sits quietly listening not interrupting or complaining, well mannered. Diane’s difficult journey fades away for me I stop seeing sadness, disappointment hardship all I see is happiness, love possibilities and many other good stories.

I see this because of Tannah Diane has done this she has brought up the little girl as I know her-the one I taught how to ride a bicycle I am told. From all the difficult years Diane has had she has done an amazing job she has given her daughter a chance to become her own woman. I am sure there have been hurdles along the way in her upbringing but they both sit here looking good and happy.

How and what happens in Tannah’s future is pretty much hers to decide but she is able to decide knowing that her mom is and has been there for her. That is a gift not many young ladies are able to do.

To both of you two thank you not for what you have done and do for me. Thank you for what you do for others however difficult your road is you will always try your hardest to not let others down. In your difficult times you always wear a bright smile. Your eyes send out a vibe and a never give up attitude.

Your friend


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