Hey Hey it’s Friday

Hey Hey it’s Friday

Early in the morning I will meet up at 5AM with other members of the Toughies runners club. I have not run for a while I have not been able to motivate myself to actually get out of the house and run at all. I slept today and so I will not be sleeping tonight it is 2H30 AM and I have been up since 11PM.

Oh well no stress today is a good day for me besides the fact that it is Friday. I don’t work so Friday’s should be the same as any other day in the week. Not so because today I get to do two great events outside the walls of our home. Bio and run along other runners or run behind the other runners.

This is just fine because I do know there will be two or three other runners that will stay at my side until the last kilometre or so. They will start to stride ahead close to the end when the road has no intersections I can get lost on. My goal is for me to stay as long as possible beside the others before reaching the end. I hope that soon I will be able to see the end of our start/finish point before I am left behind. Eventually run alongside the others right to the end.

I have filled out my application for the 2021 NYM and I would like to complete the marathon in under six hours. To do this I need to push myself and run as often as possible. If I continue to run the Friday run for the next few months I should be strong enough to start twice a week and tackle the Tuesday “killer” route. For some reason the Tuesday run breaks me and so I will take it easy and slowly filter in once I am strong again.

I received a Watts Up from the group for the Christmas party I am super excited to meet all the others at the function. Partly so that I can take Ange along to meet them all. This is important for me that Ange meets the others this way when I return from the weekly run she will know what I am talking about and so become part of my day out. Ange does know one of the other runners (Rowena) they used to attend the local Boot Camp. I am sure they will chat as I walk about talking, talking to whomever it may be.

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