Stolen, Taken Not Lost

Stolen, Taken Not Lost

Umm stolen, taken not lost could be anything relating to my lifestyle except in my life the order is backwards or generally lost. This particular subject matter is not about a TBI but rather a WTBIE. Okay so WTF is a WTBIE? A WTBIE is a World event I have just forgotten the rest of my made up abbreviation. Sounds like me-that only took a few seconds.

When I tell people I know and I have not  seen since my accident that my memory is real bad generally they reply with a comment relating to my bad memory such as. Oh don’t worry I lose my keys all the time. I know they are just trying to be “nice” to me but wow that hurts so much. I don’t lose my car keys I have no car I do misplace all other keys as well as everything else. This is fine an issue I can deal with but what I have now lost is not a material thing it is a feeling.

We don’t get out much no shopping or eating out also mostly we watch catch up on M-Net or Netflix this is because of all the advertising. So now no advertising or getting out on a daily basis what then has been stolen, taken or lost and a feeling?

Christmas that is what it is it is the feeling of Christmas. Now with Covert in the air I am pretty sure many people have also not been reminded too much of what December brings. Perhaps it is not Christmas but the December feeling. Usually I can sense holidays are around the corner this is because of Ange being at work stressing about the traffic but at this time in the past traffic has died down as the kids are now on holiday.

Ange now working from home has eliminated the relief she brings back with her that there is very little traffic. She then sighs in relief and so the feeling normally given to me has too been taken. Still as I write about the feeling it stays in the abyss.

Next year may be different so I would have not lost the December feeling forever. Who knows let’s wait and see. It will return I am sure about that but soon is not certain the only certain part of life is tax and death and on that bright note cheers and happy Christmas.


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