Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is Permanent

I enjoy scrolling through Facebook reading about friends going about with their daily doings. My daughter Cammy told me I am a Facebook addict, agreed I am. I am because I don’t get out much I forget to call friends and family and receive little calls from friends and family. This is fine Facebook is my connection.

Generally I scroll down until I reach one of Anton’s posts as I am scrolling I see what catches my eye. I am looking for a post he has posted because I know as I am so is he a Facebook Addict. Anton posts positive sayings, nice uplifting sayings.

Today I read a post I see a picture of Bruce Lee. I enjoy Bruce Lee not because of the real shitty voice overs and his out of sync lip movements but of the positive manner in which he lived his life. So the saying read; Nothing is permanent a good day must be enjoyed, a bad day will be forgotten and left behind in the past.

Anton and my destructive day has been left in the past even though a TBI or ABI cannot be left in the past as this injury will be with us forever. It is not about the injury that now lives with us forever but how we stand up and face another tomorrow with confidence and we continue to fight hard as Bruce Lee too did.

The day I stepped into Headway I thought I was going for a job interview this is what my Ange told me just to get me there for the help I needed. After I sat amongst others and was asked to introduce myself I realised this isn’t a job interview. Well we were there and I couldn’t escape my escape would not come I had made up my mind that I will never return there again when this ordinary man walked up to me. I then thought why is this tall, strong looking tattooed man here he seems “normal”. Well I was surprised once I heard his story how he was knocked down but stood up again. I wanted to know more and I wanted to learn from him and so Headway would become my way forward.

Thank you Anton for convincing me not to run away but to allow others to help me. And so the saying returns-“nothing is permanent”. It will only be permanent if you allow it to be we will not allow a brain injury to be permanent that difficult day is gone and we look forward to tomorrow. We don’t have to it is our choice not to. Tomorrow and many tomorrow’s after we will enjoy the good, the great moments in life. It is our right to.


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