One off Both on

One off Both on

One off both on? I have for the umpteenth time lost “things”. I have two pairs of slip slops which works well for me because I am always misplacing one pair and therefore the works well scenario swings into full gear. Now though I have a big problem or should I say half a big problem two and a half pairs of slops gone.

One slop left so what do I do? I really don’t for some stupid reason enjoy walking bare foot as I used to. Well I will now walk with one slop on in a few weeks the other will turn up and then the two will be reunited.  Perhaps it does look stupid and feel kind of silly but I will take it in my stride. I made a decision that is important and besides If the shoe fits wear it.

I would love to know all the times we try and try but cannot make a decision whether it be big or small we sit on the fence undecided. As we now sit on the fence trying not to fall to one side or the other as it sways and wobbles we now lose the very importance of why we are sitting in this awkward position in the first place. The decision what do I do?

I will tell you what you should do-follow your heart your gut. You wanted to in the first place but you then thought too much about not much. You knew before you had to make the decision which way you wanted to go. You knew because deep, deep in your subconscious it knew as it always does. If you do make the “wrong” decision it in fact could have been the right one it is just panned out in a way you did not think about.

It does not matter about what decision you make what matters is what you do with the outcome of that decision. I am fine with my decision if someone laughs at me that is just fine at least I could make someone else laugh. I am alive and it is my life to live if I try my best at whatever it is I am fine with that. I am sure the other three shoes will turn up hopefully it will not be too long. If so I will have to wear the other shoe on its own until the tread has worn to even surfaces. I can’t walk around with uneven treads I will be off balance-oh wait I am off balance already. You see I didn’t have to think too long about only wearing one shoe.


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