A Good Man

A Good Man

Goodbye my good friend goodbye. Today will be a sad day-another sad day. We will bury our good friend Fritz Blitz. All his close friends and family will gather together to say their last goodbyes. I know I will be emotional but for how long I do not know. I do know I will not be sad the entire day. This being my brain stuff. Ange tells me that at her dads funeral I slept on the floor right in the front row-nice Bevan. Not too many emotions present that day

I would have met many of the other friends and family but I have been trying to remember faces and not much comes to me, howzit Bev how are you besides today good thanks and how are you doing? The old friend or family member that now asks me as did the rest gathered I am guessing will not know that I actually don’t know who the heck they are. Ange will be at my side so I recon she will hint to those before they greet me to first remind me of who they are.

The reason I write this post is because of the featured picture. Ange shows me a picture of Fritz wearing a pink allice band. He also wears a naughty and happy face that’s not the Fritz I know I say what the heck is he wearing that for and why? He was at my bachelorette party she says oh okay that’s sounds right. Fritz would certainly not give up the opportunity to be the only guy at a girl’s party. Wow lucky man it’s not that he would get up to mischief he would enjoy the moment and wear a continuous smile of course.

I cannot find many other pics of Fritz but I will take this one for sure knowing that he was with my wife at her party makes me feel that he was looking out for her and I guess for me too. Fritz was like that always taking care of others close to him as best as he could.

Fritz Blitz was a good man and I will certainly miss him, catch you later good buddy travel well to your next destination.


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