The Greatest Marathon in the World

The Greatest Marathon in the World

2 AM up and about yip my day has begun. I am quite used to my two Am wake it is a regular I don’t even have to look at my watch and I know. I have recently forgotten that I have indeed started writing the second book I would like to publish. As I search for my new book in my unfinished writing file I scroll down twenty other books I have started. Those will not be published in the near future it is all about the NYM and what Achilles international has done for me.

I have three hours and then I will get to the start of Tuesdays run. And so I begin writing time flies by I now know as the light starts to filter through the open windows that I am going to miss this morning’s run. Oh well it is what it is I will join the others on Friday.

I am starting to tire I look at the word count at the bottom of the screen Twenty thousand words I have written eight thousand this morning. He, he before you all start your day mine started five hours ago. I am able to work I am an author I write for a living-just have to sell more of my first book. I have to market my book otherwise I will not be able to make my business profitable.

Today I started the chapter about my life now and how I ran and completed 200km in the Achilles world virtual run. I needed to complete about sixty kilometres to reach my goal and with the help of the other runners in my club I managed to do it. Thanks to you all you have helped me reach my goal. I missed todays run I lost track of time. Oh well I will do Friday s run and I will continue to run.

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