On the Lighter Side

On the Lighter Side

Ange and I are getting out of the house I have to get to the pharmacy for my meds. Meds done we decide to grab a lunch we see an awesome restaurant we will sit and share a good time together. The last time we were out together was for my birthday some three months ago.

We have a great time plenty smiles this is just what we needed as the last couple of weeks has been difficult for both of us. My good friend Fritz Blitz left us and our Mili which was Ange’s companion suddenly succumbed to a heart problem.

It is time to leave we will head down the not so busy Willian Nicol a short drive home. On the way home we chat and chat as we chat a certain topic comes up. I have no clue what but I do remember a statement I made Ange will now never forget my statement.

Bla, bla, bla I continue as I continue as per usual Ange has turned off long ago, I can talk and when I do Ange has developed a Bevan block. Suddenly the car swerves Ange has burst out in laughter her eyes start to water she almost had to pull over that is how much she is laughing. What I say what is so funny?

Well turns out it is what I said as I talk I say that is just a sumb thuck babes. What as she laughs what did I say? Sumb thuck what is sumb thuck? I have no clue and to me I still cannot understand what the heck is so funny. Eventually when Ange can stop laughing-a bit she tells me it’s not sumb thuck its thumb suck. Oh okay I start to laugh and once again Ange is just about wetting herself.

We have about twenty minutes or so until we are home and during our drive every so often she bursts out in laughter which starts me off I am laughing at her laughing not at me getting it all wrong. I often get confused at words and phrases this is okay with me as it brings a smile to Ange.

Oh well it is what it is and at least with my TBI we can still find the bright side of it-the lighter side of our journey.

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