Proud Moments

Proud moments

A year after my accident I was introduced to running. Never before in my life had I ever intended to run a few hundred meters never mind two hundred meters in a world run. Running is part of my rehabilitation it helps with my balance as the left hand side of my body is apparently slower than the right.

So since starting I have completed many half marathons and two New York Marathons. After completing my first NYM I had thought how it can get better than this. Well I was so wrong in 2019 I helped train and get another TBI warrior across the finish line. This was for me one of the highlights in my life. I wanted to run alongside Nick as we had during our training but couldn’t as he had guides helping him across the finish line.

At about the 30KM mark Nick was lying on the pavement tired and broken I passed him and saw in his eyes he would get up he had his dad alongside him and I know he would get his son across that line. Nick finished broken and tired but he crossed the line.

The reason I talk about Nick is that when I met him he was giving an inspirational talk. I knew then that after a year of searching for another disabled runner to help train and complete the NYM I had found the man that had the fighting spirit to complete the gruelling 42.2KM.

On the 16th the South African disabled running team completed the world run we achieved greatness we came 7th beating one hundred odd other countries. Once the sixteen days of running was at its end I completed 200KM. The man I had helped to train the man that had fallen in the NYM had completed over two hundred kilometers beating me. I am not sad he beat me I am proud that I have been part of his achievements. Perhaps I have given another something they could not do before.

Everyone has greatness within them I have a brain injury but how can I give up and cry about this devastating injury. I will not lay down I will try my hardest I will keep on trying. I become quite emotional when the other runners in my running club “The Toughies” turn around to come support me to help me to the end of our run. I become emotional but I am still proud of me for each time I run with them I know I will struggle. I know I will but still I must continue I won’t and I can’t give up.

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