Goodbye Fritz Blitz

Good Bye Fritz Blitz

Six weeks or so ago I call my good friend Fritz Blitz as I called him. No answer, I call again and again and again. I know Fritz he really won’t answer a cell unless he has too. Fritz has to answer he knows me and he knows I will not stop. I guess running through his mind would have been F… it Oshie.

We talk and we talk the bottom line is that I had a flash back of my good friend and so I call. I remember we arranged to meet up in the week. I tell him if we don’t meet up this week we never will. A joke of course little did I know that my Fritz was not doing well he said nothing about the pain he was in. Sadly we wouldn’t see each other that week, I would never see him again.

Two weeks ago his brother Anton calls me and tells me the bad news; Fritz is not well he says I need to call him and say my goodbyes. WHAT! I shout what are you saying and how do I say goodbye. Fritz is diagnosed with cancer.

After speaking to Anton he tells me that his brother will probably not answer the call. I call and I call eventually I send a message telling him I will not stop each and every hour I will call until he answers. Not a minute goes by my cell rings it’s Fritz.

We talk not of his pain and, and but I tell him I want him to do something for me that is for him to allow me to visit and spend a couple of days with him. I want him to tell me of all the stories of the many times we shared whilst growing up as my memory of those moments are gone.

Sadly we were unable to spend a few days together. This morning Fritz Blitz left us he has gone to continue on with his journey. One thing I know about Fritz was that he had one passion in his life that was his daughter.

Goodbye my good friend travel well I will miss you.

Your friend


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