The shadows Are Watching

The Shadows Are Watching

Tuesday morning its 4Am today I will run amongst those warriors. Yesterday evening I speak to Ange I’m not feeling good babes I say. I don’t think I will run tomorrow, you must she tells me come on swallow that cement you are always talking about and harden up.

I get to the meeting point I am the first to arrive with the man that runs with that amazing dog he has the most amazing blue eyes (the doggy). My back hurts and my lungs are shot I think it is the early cold air. I’m not pulling the bad workman blames his tools scenario but it is what it is.

We are off crap I think as we turn the bend and head up the hill-that hill. As we get close to where I live I tell the lady running alongside me I’m sorry I can’t I am going to stop and head home I live here. Are you sure yes I say go ahead catch up to the others. After a long pause I can tell she doesn’t want me to quit so easily she then is off and slowly mingles in with the others.

I get to our gate and I cannot give in so I carry on I will run ten kilometers but I turn right instead of following, this route is better for me and I won’t hold the rest of them up. I will now run to the police station and back zigzagging once I reach ten kilometers I will head to the start and at least show face apologize and tell the rest that I did not give in my body was sore. I sound like an old record bla, bla, bla apologizing all the time I must stop apologizing, they know I struggle and they are okay with that.

I get to the police station road turn the bend and there in the distance what do I see yip all of them are standing and waiting. Two turn and head towards me oh crap I think I am now emotional my eyes start to well yip I will soon cry. The two of them tell me the route they will run they tell me to head in another direction and meet them at the Fourways high school, it’s a shorter and easier route they say you won’t get lost are you sure I’m sure I tell them satisfied they head off.

As I continue on my own I glance to the side I can feel someone is following me as I look I see this person I get cold shivers. As I see him he tells me you can’t stop if you do I will eat you up. He is dark and seems scary he has no fear and he means what he says I know he does I know because he is me! It’s my shadow scolding me once again but as he scolds me he tells me he is not going away ever. I pass the meeting point and head to meet the rest I can’t wait for them that is just wrong. There they are I am excited and I smile. I look to my shadow you see he tells me all you needed was a bit of confidence I knew you wouldn’t give up.

We sit at the meeting point I meet a few new people I meet a lady she has been renamed-not by me I must say which is usually the case. Her new name is now Intend-as she intends to start with us in December. We holding you to this please join us you won’t be alone I will keep you company.



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