Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye

It seems as if it was yesterday that our lives were suddenly thrown full of purrs but it wasn’t. It was ten odd years ago two kitties fell into our hearts. Felix and his little ‘sister’ Mili. Mili mouse as we often called her was the clumsiest awkward kitty but she was so loved.

How could we not love her she made us love her Mili made sure that we watched as she slid and crashed. Trying to run around on the slippery tiles jumping onto the coffee table only realizing too late she is running far too fast to stop once on the table. Not the only problem as there is a loose table cloth and the usual items which should stay on the cloth except once Mili hits the table with speed she and everything else is spread across the floor.

This was her normal self after the crash boom bang she would jump up onto Anges lap purr loudly, nudge Ange on the chin and fall asleep I could write a book on her odd and loveable ways. I look at Ange and I see how sad she is at the loss of Mili. She is lost and in truth alone as I just cannot seem to understand sadness it is as if that emotion was stolen from me and taken to the abyss.

The tears in my eyes are for Ange-for her tears. This makes her loss so much harder I guess as I cannot grieve the way she does. I am right at your side Ange I can feel the loss of Mili but I can’t seem to react to her not stumbling around us anymore.

Goodbye Mili.

Ange has put together a video of Mili it will not play on my blog please watch it on her Facebook page.

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