Two Proud Men

Two proud men

In 2017 I completed my first NYM. I had two conditions given to me before I could even attempt the marathon; complete it and pay it forward by getting another TBI survivor over the finish line said Denis (president of Achilles SA). I finished in 6h54min. This was a gruelling run for me as all my injuries woke up to try stop me they tried over and over again but I would not let them.

After the Marathon I searched for over a year to find another who I thought would be able to complete a marathon. There were many contenders as I passed through the many rehab centres but I wasn’t 100% sure that they would complete it. I had almost given up when one evening as Ange and I sat listening to a young man talk I began to cry. Not of his amazing fight for survival but I knew I had found the fighter I needed and so along came Nicholas. He and I completed the 2019 NYM.

Our next test was here the Achilles world challenge. Run for sixteen days and log as many kilometers as possible. My goal was to log 200km I knew I would but after 100km my injuries would once again wake and try stop me. Today early I wanted to run with my club and log ten kilometres I couldn’t due to my brain issues.

This morning I read that Nicolas has completed 180 KM. Oh wow I thought the man that I chose for the NYM the man that together with our guides trained hard and put in an effort of great proportions was whipping my ass. Is it not the student teaching the teacher scenario?

Well Nic I am not done I have taken up you determined strength and I will use it to at least reach my 200km goal. I am proud of both you and me I know the NYM was difficult for you I saw in your eyes as you fell and lay on the side walk in pain and disappointment. I saw me in you I saw determination I knew you would stand up as I did and reach your goal. I know that with your fathers help and him pushing you that he gave you the strength to finish. I am proud of me that I continue to run I continue to try. I will not give up on me I will not let the J. P running team down I will persevere and I will reach my 200km target.

Well then Bevan 4 days to complete 70 km left. I can and I will I will because I want to.



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