Who the Heck is J. P

Who the Heck is J. P

My recent adventure is a group of extremely strong runners. A running club a place where I will be able to socialize to share the mornings challenge with others. I know my blog is mainly about the invisible injury-a TBI but for me it is about daily struggles we all have. Yes mine may be similar to the last post and become monotonous but perhaps if others read and appreciate that their struggles may be similar to mine. Perhaps on a much less scale but never the less still a personal struggle.

Let me return to the header- who the heck is J. P? Many of my daily struggles are understanding answers or perhaps listening to others whilst they talk to me. My mind is generally in another place. With great difficulty I built up the courage to accept the invite that of joining the running club. Once there I ask is this actually a club and what is the Name? J. P says one of the runners. Who the f… is J. P I think and what a shitty name for a running club. J.P-Jukskei Park she says oh ok this is Jukskei park mm it’s not higher grade Bevan. I ask before I am told of the meaning of the name where is J. P. I recon inside her she must have cried from laughter and that is totally understandable.

It does not bother me or I will never lose sleep if someone laughs because of what I say or do. The fact is that they laughed and so my ways brought a smile to their face. No one will know of another ones struggle yesterday perhaps they had a long night a difficult night. Now so early in the morning as the sun had risen they can smile and so bring happiness?

Now once again early tomorrow morning I will take the long short walk down to the starting point of the J. p running club. When I arrive and greet the others I know I will wear a smile but inside of me as I now write my mind is in fear. In fear of the words I heard from the runners after I completed my first run in a running club. As we sat speaking I brought up how difficult the run was those up hills I said up hills break me. They knock me flat and do not allow me to complete the remainder of the kilometers Even though the remainder is a downhill. The runners tell me that that was the easy run on Thursday we will do another route a harder route.

Well I do know that the up hills that devour me and quickly eat me up in chunks will not break me yes they will today but in six weeks or so I will eat them up. I will because I am determined to. Life is full of struggles and difficult times but through that difficult time there has to be a turning point a time that we can benefit from the struggles. I will I must I cannot allow those monstrous hills to break me. I just need a plan to start the process of attack perhaps the others will help me with a plan.




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