Big Thanks

Big Thanks

It wasn’t easy for me to ask for help. The help needed was not for me but for a friend. It was kind of as if I was using up my get out of jail card. I know you have done so much for me and is it rude or am I placing once again weight on your shoulders. It is not even help for me but another.

I pick up the phone after many long minutes of deep thought. In truth I did not have to ask Clint I could have told my friend sorry I have tried but cannot help. Hi Clint please can you help my friend is stuck and I don’t know who else to ask. I don’t know the true facts or what the actual depth of the problem is but can he speak directly to you.

As per usual his answer does not sit on a fence umm well I will try or it will be difficult. One answer;

“Of course give me half an hour or so”.

It’s not ten minutes later he asks what the details it is arranged. Wow I think now I am really in a difficult position I have taken his Sunday and spent in my mind my joker card. Now as I do not know all the details I am assuming this could be his entire Sunday Turned from a rest day to a work day. I know Clint works hard and I do now know I have disturbed his rest day.

The details of my asking is not important but it is done and now as Ange and I are off to visit her gran that I do know Ange really needs. As we get to her gran I greet her with joy but soon after I greet her I have depleted all my reserved energy and I now need to rest. I fall asleep with a great weight upon my shoulders the visit comes to an end and we leave to spend time with Ange’s mom. Once again I am grumpy and seem to take my now moody ways out on Ange. I cannot call to see if all has gone well as my battery is dead and the Clint’s number is on my cell there is no way to contact the two of them.

Thank you Clint you are a good man. Sorry My Ange if I once again put weight on your shoulders.


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