Don’t Allow Yesterday To break Today

Don’t Allow Yesterday Disturb Today

We all have bad and difficult days, we all fall and we all fail. Leave yesterday’s woes behind they do not belong in the present in today. Take the difficult time of a yesterday and learn from it learn what you can and try to not let them break you today.

I have bad days many of them but in the morning I try my best to leave those difficult times behind. I try but once again they return. I will not stop trying even if it takes a year of trying I will not stop I will not give up. A person that carries the scar of the invisible injury is no different than an ordinary person. Yes the days can be long and difficult but we are no different to others we are alive and we are strong.

Our lives have changed that I know but I try harder I work harder I will not allow my TBI to break me. Everyone falls at some stage in their lives the important thing is to be able to get up again to continue on with your journey. If one cannot get over bad days they will continue to bring that day with them leaving the present day in disarray. How then will we be able to become strong if we continuously are fighting a losing battle?

Don’t ever give up continue to fight, fight harder be stronger. I say when you think it gets too hard it’s never hard enough. Easier said than done I know just don’t give in.


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