It’s Not Easy Being Me

It’s Not Easy Being Me

Today I am out early, not as early as I wanted to  because I fell asleep for the last time this morning at about 4AM. My plan was to run at about 5AM-2KM five times a day x 22 days which will add to 10KM per day a total of 220km for our world Achilles cup. Eventually I am up at six and I run my two km which turns out to be five km-first mistake. I had told myself take it easy five times a day x five km is going to test me.

I then get home and forget to say hi to Ange-second mistake. I forget that I haven’t made her tea yet wish doesn’t happen too often but today I have forgotten-third mistake I’m doing well, yes right. Mama Neva is here so I have told her that her first job is for us to make scones she will take half home. We went out to do some shopping on the weekend the important item I need to get is butter but as per usual the most important item needed will stay on the shelves-number four.

Number five follows I had promised to keep the kitchen clean whilst I bake, which will now be banana bread. The kitchen soon looks like a bomb has dropped. Number five six, seven is complicated as I have forgotten. It is still early now 9AM. I know in the next couple of hours eight, nine ten and probably to about fifteen will come before the morning is over and so my day has started this is a usual day.

When my day started I told myself over and over again to try my best to be quiet and give Ange a day of peace and quiet. I knew then and I now know it will probably not happen. True to my words the amazing banana bread which is baking is burning. I know this because Mama Neva is out doing the washing those that know me know my smell is non-existent. Ange has been in the bath she walks out first words are “babes your bread is burning”. Grunt I am not upset or disappointed I was but those emotions left moments after I had felt them the short term memory issue.

It’s not easy being me is not too true even though I do forget the small important issues. I just thought of the header and it did sound funny. I am okay with this but the truth is that it is not easy being Ange.

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