Our Goal a Bit High

Our Goal a Bit High

I always talk about setting a goal too high. I say if you set it too high you may not be able to get there and therefore let yourself down. Ange and I set out this morning on the second day of our Achilles world challenge. The challenge started yesterday and lasts for 16 days. Walk/run as far as one can on the 16th of November the challenge ends. All your kilometers are added up and so your place amongst the thousands of other runners is decided.

Early this morning Ange and I head out to conquer the Northcliff water tower. The tower stands on the highest point of the Northcliff ridge. As one drives the streets of Johannesburg it stands proud and is visible on most roads. I have run to the tower three times twice in my final prep for the New York Marathon and the third a half marathon. The king of the mountain, known as the most difficult half marathon in Jhb. I completed the marathon and set my best time.

Today though it will be different I will have an amazing woman at my side-my Ange. We calculated the total km to get there and set our route. Fifteen kilometers is pretty far we say but we can make it we will take it easy we can do it. Denis will start at Old Edds in Norwood and we shall meet at the top.

There is a problem though we knew we had set a high target for the two of us but we were confident helping each other we will get there. Now the problem shows itself as we are constantly being tested on the long up hills. We live on a river and the tower is high the route has one or two down hills-very short down hills the rest is a constant uphill.

On most of the up hills I find myself pushing Ange we laugh and we are enjoying our walk. We get to about the ten kilometer mark and our battery is beeping on red. Next moment we see red not a give up red but the red sign of a Wimpy. We both look at each other we know where we are now headed.

We sit at a table look at each other and glance out the window there far away high stands the tower I tell Ange Babes we not going to make it. Ange looks at me and says she is tired. I know she is I have noticed her pace has decreased. I don’t want Ange to not be able to get out of bed in the morning we still have twenty days left.

As we now sit at the table we order an amazing breakfast and a fresh orange juice each. Finished and feeling slightly down we look at the tower for the last time. We are not finished we will walk as far as we can home. We get to the fifteen kilometer mark, sit down in a bus stop and order our Uber.

We did not reach our goal we know that but we are not feeling down anymore we walked fifteen kilometers. Later on in our challenge once we have built up our strength we will conquer the walk to the tower. We will reach our goal.


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