A Special Woman a Special day


Twelve years!  Twelve years ago I married an amazing woman, a special person-an angel. Seven years later she would save my life. What can I say I don’t have words right now there are hundreds of them streaming around my mind there are too many to write down. This post will fill up quickly just words, special words.

A marriage is a bond which takes many through tough times, scary moments, difficult and hard bits of life. Many times one will carry their partner without the other even knowing that they are being carried. Tough times yes I believe in today’s world it is extremely difficult to keep that bond strong.

To be able to share one’s life is truly special. All the exciting and special moments that two people can share is a great thing. Our marriage has just begun I will not allow a TBI to stop us having good times and to share special moments. Today I will take my beautiful wife to a special place where we can enjoy the day just the two of us.

My dad helps me with money each month this month though I spent my money not thinking that I need to save a little to spend on a day out with my love. Not thinking well let’s just say I did not know I had forgotten this special day-that f…… loss of most of my long and short term memory issue. This is just fine as I save a little for an emergency today though it is too little. I also have a good friend Naomi helps me out so that I don’t have to take Ange out to Pick ‘N Pay for a take away thanks my good friend.

Ange has many difficult days whilst she looks after me which my TBI places upon her shoulders. Today though I will spoil her. Our love is strong it has taken us through difficult times it will continue to get us through many difficult times. Soon I will be able to help out with the monthly costs of life. Until then and after that dAay arrives our love for each other will get us through the tough times. We will enjoy today and a great moment it is a good day. Today Ange will tell me about all the special moments we have shared in our marriage. Today I have the ability to create another special moment.

Happy anniversary my love I promise to spoil you over and over again as I promised you twelve years ago.

I love you more than all the stars.


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