The End is Near

The End is Near

This morning as I hear Ange talking to her mom about this and that my ears are alerted to a sentence. Ange tells her mom that Bevan is fine and both of them are looking forward to our meeting in the morning.

I have been waiting for this a really long time now. This being the long road Ange and I have been traveling. Traveling on this road for many years now and not knowing when the end will be. Well the end is in sight soon now we will come to the junction. Once we reach the intersection we can make our own choice on which road we wish to travel further.

No matter the outcome at the intersection we still will be the ones to choose. As long as the journey has been and still seems to be in the future one should never give up. Travel that road you are on even if you do not want to be on that road but somehow you found yourselves there travel it to the end. When the end comes in whichever way it does an intersection a junction a four-way stop which ever travel further and travel it well. If your road comes to a dead end well then perhaps you missed an intersection or a side road which did not look too appealing. Turn around and take a different route.

Never give up and always enjoy the journey as the destination may not be what you wanted. If you do not enjoy travelling you will perhaps travel many roads to find the destination you desire. Once you eventually find your choice destination your travels through life have taken so long you are too tired to enjoy your destination.

Now as Ange and I reach the end of this road we have still not set our co-ordinates to our destination. We are enjoying travelling because travelling has and does make us stronger. The end of this road is close but still it is not over and so we will continue to travel it as best as we can.

One more sleep and we will reach the oasis there we can rest and drink the fresh cool water. Once refreshed we will be closer to the end once we reach the end we will be strong, together and in love. There Ange and I will make a decision on which road to travel further. which ever road we choose we will travel it well, we shall enjoy our journey.

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