Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

I agree the header is somewhat umm yes ok. This week has been a great week for both Ange and me. I have been positive and I feel good. When I say both Ange and me when I have a bad week it directly affects Ange.

The week did start real bad I upset Ange so much I think she was moments away from breaking point. A while later after Ange spoke to me of her sadness I got it but better than that I have remembered her sadness and my shitty outbreak. This is a tipping point to my atom bomb moments I feel.

After she spoke to me I became so sad and hurt. I have never felt those emotions in this way before and so I believe I am on a great path. I also asked Jiten if we can do my bio sessions as early in the morning as possible. This way I am still feeling positive and strong otherwise later in the day I become erratic and disjointed.

On a humorous note I did Facebook Jiten at 4Am asking if we could change the time to 3AM. Obviously I was joking but if you are up between 1Am and 6 AM I will always be awake and ready. After my Bio session I was up at Naomi for the usual coffee session. Her sister Beverly is up to visit and give her support during this most difficult time she is going through. As I sat I saw in Naomi’s eyes happiness and a spark. Thank you Beverly for all the support you give to your sister.

Yesterday I went along with the two of them to fetch Scarlet at school. Once we arrived we waited for 30 minutes or so for me the thirty minutes seemed like many hours. I have been promising Scarlet aka My Little Red Tomato to be there with her granny when she collects her for a long time.

Yesterday I kept to my promise and as I waited watching for her to march in a single line to the gate behind her teacher I noticed. There on the other side of the field a young girl zig zagging I then knew strait away it is Scarlet. AS she came close I shouted out “My Little Red Tomato” as she heard me she bolted past the line from the back to the gate jumped into my arms and shouted “Bevan”. Wow what a great day.

I know I will fall to the confusion of my TBI again but I know I will try by best not to. What a great day today is to be alive.

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