Good Morning

Good Morning

Up to Naomi I go, coffee in hand the Vader’s right behind me. I get to Naomi and see her sister is there. Beverly has come up for a couple of weeks to visit her. I see Naomi is in a good space this is great I love seeing her with a bright glow.

Coffee finished and battery flashing red l must now head home for a short rest. I wake and now I have to get down to the office. I don’t have to there is no reason to I just want to. I guess I don’t need an excuse to visit the office but I always seem to have one. Maybe for them to deal with important issues I now bring up. Actually I am sure they know I am just there to talk. I am just there to talk but I would like to bring a smile to their face.

I believe a smile each day will either if it is an early morning smile give you a great day whatever the circumstances. If it is an afternoon smile will wipe away the bad day you can now get home thinking at least the day ended well. Whilst you are thinking once again you smile.

A smile can get one through tough moments besides a smile is far better than a sad irritated face. There is a new lady at the office now I think her name is Kayla not sure but she knows who she is so I forgive myself for the lack of memory. Don’t worry Kayla, Tayler, and or Skyla? I am sure they have tough days in the office but perhaps I bring a smile I certainly hope so. Good to see you guys have a great day.

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