I am Bevan soon to be Released

I am Bevan

I am currently writing another book called I am Bevan. When I say another like the twelfth or so when I feel in a writing mood I open the file unfinished books file and scroll through and wonder where my mind was when starting this one was?

This book though is different it is a follow on from the first. It is about the Bevan now and how my TBI has changed how I guess I am and will remain with the small differences I am coping with. My first book has not sold as many copies as I was hoping for. I do know that with everything I need to promote my book more. Market it nut due to Coroner I guess that has been put on hold somewhat.

I then decided to do my book in an audio version which has now been completed. I now need to market and find a way to get it out there. I will also post it on my blog once I have figured out how to actually post it and be able to get some samples that one can listen to. Once somebody is interested they can send a payment and listen to my journey.

I have asked Ange to figure out how to get it onto one of the international stores where it can be bought etc. Before that happens my first book I Am Possible is available. I can Post net anywhere in the country for fifty South African Rand.

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