The Lady and the Doctor

The Lady and the Doctor

This may be an extremely short blog post. The length of it is of no importance the importance of it is important. It is said that laughter is good for one’s soul I tend to agree with that. So how short is short? Well how long is a piece of string? Who the f…knows but actually How Long is a china man!

All I would like is to bring a smile to your face perhaps by reading the below joke (is the reason I began this post) it may. I told it to Ange but she did not laugh at my joke but I saw in her eyes she was laughing I guess at me telling the joke with tears in my eyes. The fact of the matter is I made her happy. If this joke does nothing for you well sorry but now pay it forward and try put a smile in someone’s face that needs a lift in their life. A little smile to a sad face like laughter heals sadness.

Lady walks into doctor’s room.

‘Doctor I have a pain in my heart.’

After a lengthy evaluation the doc. Prescribes pills.

‘Take two of these a day I will see you in six weeks’ time’.

Lady walks back six weeks later.

‘So how are you? Are the pills working?

‘Oh yes perfectly doc no more heart pain at all but there is only one problem’.

I am growing hair in strange places she says this is very weird. Um not really the doc responds you see my dear the pills do have a side effect you see they are testosterone pills but they have worked…

‘So tell me my dear where is the hair growing’.

‘On my BALLS’!



I know not the joke of the year but that’s not the point just laugh it’s not that bad just laugh because laughing is better than crying.

The featured image is My good fiend Derek and me on a Xmas we were as usual enjoying ourselves too much and we wrapped the garden tree lights around us. I think we called ourselves father Light Year! I miss that man but he was always a light when there was darkness.

And so i will not cry for Derek I will laugh and laugh at his familiar BRIGHT smile.

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