A Good Man a Good Place

A Good Man

A good man standing proudly at a place I love the most the sea. I opened Facebook look at my messages I see Naomi’s post sits first in the Que of many. I open it and see two great bits of my life. Firstly I see a good man he recently was struck down by an aneurism. I then notice Naomi’s husband standing proudly.

The sea is the place I wish to spend most of the rest of my life. The farm is special to me but the sea grabs me with all its might it puts me in a place of great memories. I know it does perhaps of its calm swish of the waves as they crash onto the beach.

Memories well not that I know of them I cannot think of one real memory of the sea. I do have one that is when I had what I thought was the first memory to grace me. This was when I was in Ballito on the North coast. Ange and I were flown down I was asked to talk in front of Matrics before me to talk was a parliament member as he spoke I realized iv’e got  this talk in the bag this guy nearly put everyone there to sleep. My turn-I got onto the stage a few minutes later I had students on the stage and every one there was wide awake. They enjoyed my talk I know this because once I finished there were claps and cheers. It felt so good to make so many people smile all at once.

The memory I had was not a memory of being at the sea with Ange and me of her standing at a restaurant it was a picture of her at the sea. I then realised the memories I thought I was having were only pictures on my laptop. My long term memory lost from my accident would remain lost- a TBI issue.

Soon I will be able to live there with Ange I know I have always wanted to live at the sea. We will travel from there to the farm to Jhb and back home to a great soothing place. Thank you Naomi for the picture hang in there soon your hubby will be back home his brain is just rebooting.


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