Benefits of s TBI

Benefits of a TBI-Not

Monday morning up early and off to work well I guess not for me. Five years now no work and still I cannot drive. I will not in reality be driving on a public road again. I can drive but because of my lack of attention and my loss of peripheral vision I am a danger to both myself, the passenger Which would probably be my Ange and others.. I am allowed to drive on our farm roads if I do crash into a tree well I would have to pay for the damages to my dad’s car. My injuries wouldn’t be life threatening as my speed would be less than twenty km-or so.

Before my accident I would be up early this morning getting ready to get to work. I cannot do that now so I will enjoy the morning which did start at 1AM. I have played a round of golf and I sit in the lounge on a game drive watching my favourite show Wild Earth-live.

This cool Monday I will now take the injuries of a TBI. I am not sitting down I am in a semi sitting position with pillows stacked high. I cannot sit for longer that ten minutes as my pelvis is kind of f….. Another injury of mine to add to the list of twelve or so.

When I was knocked down I made a decision to not allow this accident to break me. I try to get up each and every morning and live my life as best as I can. A while ago I did decide that I did not need to take my chronic daily dose of meds. Of course in my mind I am better now and do not need them. The outcome of that experiment was quite a wakeup call to me I became extremely depressed and hurtful to Ange. I have become stronger more aware of my situation and so I will not be attempting that again.

My advice to others is to get up after a fall, get up and continue to enjoy the benefits of being alive. Even if it means adapting to changes in my case watching a game drive and not being on one or playing a round of golf on my cell and not on a golf course. I see this as a benefit of my Devastating TBI not a hindrance.

One life live it.

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