I See the light

See the Light

Weird and strange I guess one way it would seem. About a month before Corona I began having dreams, dreams of what has happened as Corona has. Dreams of the outbreak except in my dreams there was a difference. A great difference over two billion people succumbed to the virus.

I now know what it is my dreams weren’t wrong the virus has just not hit us yet. It has not but it is coming. Perhaps in a few years maybe a decade someone will see my post and say wow he was right. They may look deeper and see more ‘Nostradamus’ predictions LOL.

Here’s one for you-energy. I know of a solution, the sun the sun has more energy than all the fossil fuels put together. We all know this but in truth that will never become a reality until fossil fuels have been depleted or until the earth has been ruined. Been ruined to such an extent that the only way is for all the giant corporates who have bought out all the patents. All the solar energy patents which the many who have already designed. They now sit dormant in the large corporates vaults. Now the corporates have to think out the box and so from in the locked box come the designs. Money it’s about the money.

So here it is somewhere in our Milky Way galaxy sits a planet they are thousands of years ahead of out Earth. Their planet is similar to ours. They have a solar design it works to power every form of energy use; power to power a house, a factory, a ship an aero plane, cars a rocket etc., etc.

How it works well it is a small solar type design made from materials which lay beneath the Earth. it will not wear out so will never need replacing unless broken-which will take plenty to break. It is molded from a liquid form positive and negative joined together but separated by a magnetic charge.

I have seen it I have been there I know of it, it can be made but not now the time is not right. The corporations that run governments around the world will never allow it to be introduced. You see it is about the money and power someone may say it’s politics they are right it is.

I know what is on most of your minds- he is going crazy it’s time for the straight jacket. Well I know, I know that’s all I can say and in any way we all have our own beliefs and our own dreams except mine will become a reality.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it LOL.



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