As the Earth Spins

As the Earth spins

It won’t be for another 90 minutes that Africa shall pass once more. I have made myself a cup of coffee, two slices of peanut butter toast and I now write. As I lay in my spot on the couch I look to the left I can see it I can see the earth spinning. It will not stop it turns and it turns.

I know you are thinking WTF is he smoking? I light another Camel Black (that’s what I am smoking). I take another sip of coffee the coffee disappears to meet up with a friend peanut.  Together the two of them and the toast reach their first pit stop-my stomach.

I reach for my cell to see how long the night will be for me. Grunt many hours I say to myself. In truth though it is just fine I enjoy the quiet I swear I can get so tired of the sound of my own voice. As the earth spins so does the sound of me talking. Round and round the earth goes and so does the sounds of my voice from one ear to the next and then without a second of quite it is back.

Hey I now see I am once again passing the icy white of perhaps Russia. Am I floating above the earth? Am I seeing what I saw whilst in a coma, Am I back in my coma? Am I in a semi-conscious state? There are a few not sure if it is men or woman that are along for the ride I cannot see their faces and I do not know their names. I cannot ask them they will not talk to me why should they right now they cannot because they do not see me. Another ciggie I wonder how smoke will look as one breaths out whilst floating above the earth time to contact my professor he will surely know.

Professor Google knows everything no I think that’s just stupid, stupid information I don’t need to know that but it will be interesting. I guess the smoke shall slowly disappear into the darkness on the force of my breath. It will continue until it meets up with the gravitational pull of another star.

Hey there’s that river again I think it is the Nile and along comes Africa next we (my couple of unknown friends and me) will pass over the icy white land below. They are still not talking to me well that’s just fine fuck em any way I am enjoying the quiet.

I am not in a broken state of mind or in another world I am live aboard the ISS for those of you that is the International Space station. I found live feed of it whilst floating through U Tube. As I lay in the quiet I watch as they work on the ISS I often do this. I enjoy trying to see any known forms on earth. One has to be patient for there are many clouds which block the view. Also one can only see what the camera sees which a continuous path of the earth as the ISS is floating far above and remains in one position. Round and round the earth spins.

Now my computer has decided to play the fool with me and I don’t seem to be able to fix this. Should I throw it against the wall-no that will wake Ange and it will not fix it.


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