This morning started special I was awake early-as usual. Up to Naomi I walk with my two kitties following closely behind me. For the second day now I see deep into her eyes, her bright eyes. Her eyes have changed since three weeks ago when the love of her life fell to that most devastating injury Naomi’s eyes had been dim and scared. Werner suffered a brain injury an ABI (acquired brain injury). Naomi has been at his side as he lay asleep deep in another world waking every now and then. Werner wakes but he does not see or know much, that will come soon. He has woken and so the spark has returned to Naomi’s eyes.

The great news is that he will be moved to a rehab center where the work will begin to get him strong again this news is amazing for everyone that knows Werner but mostly for Naomi. I return home to now sleep a bit as my battery is once again on low. Whilst I sleep and perhaps dream I am in a happy place my good and quiet place. The next moment I am pulled from a dream there is an amazing voice which calls out for me Bevan wake up, wake up Bevan. It is Scarlet I hear in the background as Ange edges Scarlet on wake him wake him Scarlet. I wake and see Scarlet’s eyes and smile bright and joyous. Up I get and we are outside I see Ange sitting in the sun relaxed and chilled she is getting her well needed vitamin D.

I have been growing some catnip in a pot high where the Vader’s cannot get at it. We pick some and now the three kitties as well as Dodge (which is a neighbor’s cat who has moved in) runs around playing high on cat nip. Scarlet now starts to play with my hair trying to create some style. Bevan she says you need to grow your hair, okay I say well I guess I now have to I can’t let her down.

What a great day-it is the weekend and I can feel how my Ange sits in the sun watching and enjoying her time away from work. I feel alive and happy I feel blessed I feel blessed because there is happiness all around me. Perhaps by me being alive and here at this moment I am giving back to all around me. Perhaps as Scarlet grows tall and wise she will know that a man that fell was partly the reason she is strong. I know that today this morning there are three beautiful people around me that make and keep me strong.

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